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2- Day Event Austin TX September 15th - 16th

Enrolling Doctors, Coaches, Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Professionals That Are Ready to Take Their Business to the Next Level with the Precision of Genomics and Epigenetics.

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Austin, TX September 15-16, 2018


Discover Tools to Directly Implement into Your Practice:


Understand Genetic

Offer your clients what no one else can, precision health and wellness care through genomics and epigenetics. Learn how to assess and test a clients genetics to deliver personalized and precise lifestyle programs.


Lifestyle Epigenetics
& Nutrigenomics

Gain the clinical understanding of the nutritional and lifestyle factors that impact genetic expression for enhanced health and human performance.


Advanced Coaching

Data without implementation is useless. You will be immersed in hands on coaching and training to learn the behavior and motivation strategies that will engage your clients to create change in their health and lives.


Health & Wellness
Business Optimization

You will learn how to build and offer cash pay, epigenetic human potential and performance coaching programs in the virtual and brick and mortar space for increased revenue, reach and impact. Discover your most profitable niche and gain insight that will allow you to fast track your growth and success.

Want to Become a Certified Epigenetic Human Performance Coach?

When You Enroll in Our 16 Week Epigenetic Coaching Certification Program, You will Get this 2 Day Live Immersion Training Included at No Additional Charge. Save $397 When You Enroll in The Certification Program Today.

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Dan Stickler, MD

Chief Science Officer – Apeiron Center

Dr. Stickler is the visionary pioneer behind the human potential medicine movement, a shift away from the disease model to limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing entrepreneurs who want to optimize their superhuman capabilities, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and host of the weekly internet radio show/podcast, the Ironman Executive.

Dr. Stickler is an expert in the use of genetics and epigenetics in clinical practice and trains health care clinicians from all over the world in interpretation of genomic data for optimizing human potential. His one-on-one and group educational programs at the Apeiron Academy are highly acclaimed and sought after by many entering the exciting new field of precision medicine. Dr. Stickler works personally with each client to find his or her hidden potential. He develops personalized human potential optimization plans based on the individual blueprint of DNA combined with quality of life factors and the seven foundational aspects of health. His unique approach is highly effective and results in transformation.


Mickra Hamilton, AuD

Chief Executive Officer – Apeiron Center

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is a revolutionary maverick in the field of Human Potential Epigenetic Coaching and a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the USAF Reserves. A master coach, she skillfully works with the individual DNA blueprint to optimize human performance through epigenetic lifestyle genomics. This precision approach addresses the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the “human system.”

Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC, MS, BCHH

Chief Limitless Officer – Apeiron Center

As the Chief Limitless Officer for Apeiron, Dr. Melissa’s role is to help our coaches tap into their limitless potential to transform the health and lives of clients they serve through epigenetic human potential coaching. D. Melissa oversees all of the business and marketing training and brings over 20 years of clinical wellness experience to help our coaches effectively integrate the clinical and business into one thriving model for success.


Lucia Aronica, PhD

Director of Epigenetics – Apeiron Center

As the Director of Epigenetics, Dr. Lucia Aronica’s focus is the role of epigenetic changes in impact genetic destiny, and create solutions in precision medicine. With a focus on obesity and weight-loss to design precision-medicine protocols that are tailored to people’s unique characteristics.


Meaghan Foley, MS

Performance & Mindset Specialist – Apeiron Center

Meaghan has a master’s degree in sport & performance psychology and is a NLP Master. She has a vast array of educational and professional experience specializing in resilience, performance & mindset, strength and conditioning, imagery and neurolinguistic programming. Meaghan has over 10 years of coaching and training experience. Her clients range from beginning youth to elite professional athletes and come from all over the US: LA Galaxy Academy, Augusta Arsenal Soccer Club, Clairemont McKenna College, University of New Hampshire, just to name a few. But that’s not all, Meaghan also trains executives and professionals from renowned organizations including Google, EXOS, Pierce Atwood and the US military.

Join an Elite Tribe of Health & Wellness Leaders Committed to Expanding Health and Human Potential Through Precision Genomics and Epigenetic Coaching.

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Want to Become a Certified Epigenetic Human Performance Coach?

When You Enroll in Our 16 Week Epigenetic Coaching Certification Program, You will Get this 2 Day Live Immersion Training Included at No Additional Charge. Save $397 When You Enroll in The Certification Program Today.

What You Will Learn...

Understand the foundations of genomics.

Discover the profound implications of epigenetics on human performance, health and optimization.

Learn how Epigenetics will position you as a leader in your community offering precision programs and solutions to optimize and enhance health and wellbeing. 

Find your most profitable and passionate niche to build a cash pay virtual practice model that can scale beyond your brick and mortar.

Learn evidence based coaching methods that will help your clients to create lasting change in their health and lives.

Walk away with a new cash model and understanding of how you can offer epigenetic programs for greater freedom, income and impact. 

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