Precision Wellness is predicted to be an

$88 Billion Market by 2022

Aperion Academy’s certification program will position you as a key opinion leader and recognized expert in this field. Be expertly trained in genomic precision wellness, human optimization, nutrigenomics & nutrigenetics. Epigenetic human potential coaching certification is open to all levels of healthcare professionals and experience.

Become a CERTIFIED Epigenetics Coach

Trained by Industry Leaders in Human Potential


Apeiron Academy Trains Epigenetic Human Potential Coaches in Genomic Precision Wellness and Human Potential Optimization

For Healthcare Professionals, Wellness Coaches, Personal Trainers, and more…

Over 100 Hours of Training
Learn How to Directly Implement into Your Practice:

  • Personalized Genomic Assessments

  • Enhanced Lifestyle Guidance with Nutrigenomics

  • Environmental Health & Detoxification genetics

  • Peak Performance and Brain Optimization

What students are saying...

“I enjoyed the conference so much!! What an unbelievable 3 days and such great information. I am looking forward to diving into this material. It really left me re-thinking how I communicate with my patients and it makes so much more sense to include them more in the process and learning actual skills to do that!”

“I have been to a number of business coaching and health-related seminars. This was different. It was very well run and great to interact with everyone. I don’t know how you did it, but the tribe is an amazing collection of people. It definitely pushes me to new heights and wants to learn more.”

“This was a fantastic training!  In addition to providing great information all the staff and trainers were very welcoming and helpful.  I left feeling like I am a member of the tribe. 🙂  I’m excited to continue through the training and build my business with the help and resources from everyone I’ve met.  Thank you all for the great job you did!”

Additional benefits to becoming certified:

  • Recognition as a Certified Human Potential Epigenetic Coach
  • Your Listing on the Apeiron Center Human Potential Website
  • Access to Advanced Training Resources
  • Access to Current and Newly Developed Genomic Templates
  • Membership to Private Genomic Facebook Group for Sharing & Collaboration

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