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Welcome to Apeiron. We are the global leaders in epigenetic precision performance coaching and human optimization. Collectively, we stand at the edge of rapidly expanding human evolution and many game changing new paradigms. Scientific discoveries, technological advancements and the mapping of the human genome have offered us a unique opportunity to create a new state of human thriving never before known to be possible.

We created the Apeiron Academy to be the educational certification platform for this new paradigm in human performance and potential, one that places us as the Master of our destiny and the architects of evolution.

What Can I Expect As An Epigenetic Coach?

Our students learn the science, art, and expression of epigenetic precision performance coaching through a systems-based approach as it pertains to a person’s genetic blueprint and expression of that genetic potential through the interplay of their health, lifestyle and environmental inputs.

Epigenetics is the cross-talk between the environment of the outer and inner world sharing constant inputs and messaging to the cells informing the expression of the genetic blueprint.

As a coach, you will learn how to precisely guide your clients through epigenetics leveraging data, technology and lifestyle to impact their code and optimize their potential for enhanced states of health and flourishing. Through accessing our proprietary precision dna testing and epigenetic reporting, you will hold the keys to precision performance in your hands to guide your clients into limitless states. You are training as a coach how to interrupt the genetic data, personalize and recommend precise strategies and programs based on epigenetics that are uniquely designed to the client for enhanced outcomes and thriving.

Our coaches are seeking the future of precision vs a one size fits most approach to health and optimization. When you can connect a client with their true inherent potential that is unique to them, they become inspired and empowered to take action that leads to transformation.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Coach?

We offer three levels of certification each included in your enrollment fee. Each level is self paced with a recommended class participation schedule that will allow you to achieve certification within 3 months.

The academy courses are accessed and delivered online from any type of computer or device for on the go learning made easy. Your online content makes us half of your training with the other half being a series of live weekly classes and quarterly live workshops. 

The live classes are required to meet the board accreditation standards.  You have up to two years to sit for all of your live class hours so you can take them as they fit best in your schedule.  

All of the content is available through our online education portal with a very active online support and mentoring private Facebook community. Each week we have office hours for our students and weekly zoom video conference training for real-time touchpoints with our academy team.

How Much Does the Program Cost & What is the Right Membership For You? 

We offer 2 types of enrollment options. A 24-month membership or one time pay for lifetime access.  

Both memberships will give you the opportunity to achieve up to 3 levels of certification in epigenetic precision performance coaching. Each level typically takes 90 -120 days to complete. 

  • To select the 24-month membership option of $299 down/ $229 a month, click here.
  • To select the one-time payment for lifetime access of only $5,597, click here.

Q: Which price option is better?  A: If you are wondering which membership option is right for you, here is some info to help:

The 24-month membership offers an affordable enrollment rate with limited access.  You will have 2 years to access and complete up the 3 levels of certification at no additional fee if you choose.  While in the membership you will have access to our full online educational academy and epigenetic coaching platforms including our clinical support & mentoring, coach community, live event training, epigenetic reports, and DNA test kits, affiliate sales and the ability to participate in our marketing where we send you clients.  

Once the 24 months are up you will have the option to upgrade for a one-time payment of $1,000 to the lifetime access or continue to pay a monthly fee of $229 for as long as you choose to access all of the above coaching resources. If you choose not to upgrade or renew the only access you will have is to purchase the DNA kits, reports and maintain your affiliate store link. Ready to enroll?  Click here. 

The lifetime membership gives you lifetime access to our full academy platform and epigenetic coaching platforms including our clinical support & mentoring, coach community, epigenetic reports, and DNA test kits, affiliate sales and the ability to participate in our marketing where we send you clients.  You will also have access to any new level 1-3 certification materials as they are launched over the lifetime of the academy. This ensures you stay fully involved in the community for the highest level of ongoing support and will never pay another academy fee even if our rates go up. This is the best savings over time.  Ready to enroll? Click here.

Do I Have to Have a Medical or Health Background to Enroll?

No, our program will teach you the full science and art of coaching. As a coach, regardless of specialty, you will be able to move a client from challenge to solution. Coaching is client centered, client based outcomes guided by your expertise. To train you in this skill set, you will learn complex systems as it pertains to health and wellness impacted by the epigenetics of  lifestyle and the foundational genetics that can be affected as a result. You will also learn how to use technology and data to create and track personalized optimization processes with any client regardless of your background.

Our student body is diverse and is made up of approximately 25% prescribing doctors and clinicians, 25% natural health non prescribing doctors and clinicians, 30% health, nutrition and fitness coaches. 10% biohackers, many of whom came from corporate careers and decided to become a coach after their own health experience and 5% mental health professionals. While health and wellness professionals are drawn to this certification, it is not a prerequisite that you are a certified or licensed health professional.

What Genetic Testing Do You Use and Will I Have Access to That?

As a student, you will have access to sell our proprietary illumina array genetic test kits and reports to your clients.

This array offers the most advanced capture of raw data compared to any other genetic array, (over 750,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms, (SNPS). Our genetic array and interpretation process is only available to clients working with a Certified Aperion Epigenetic Performance Coach. Genetic data is simply data and yet what determines how your genes express is through your interaction with your environment. 23 & me and other direct to consumer testing offers just the data, most of which is looking at diagnostic information. Our array offers the most lifestyle SNP’s that show you where and how to positively impact the expression of your health throughout your system.

What is the Process of Becoming a Successful Coach?

Do you Offer Additional Ways Beyond the Test Kits and Reports for Coaches to Make Money and Run a Successful Business?

YES!  We offer affiliate programs to all of our coaches giving you a earned commission on any product you sell from our store and we also give you the ability to participate in our client referral program where we send you clients as a part of our genetic test kit special priced program. 

Last year we paid out over $120,000 in commissions to our coaches.  We provide our students and coaches with business building platforms.  We believe that you are our success! That is why we send you clients and give you your own online store to sell the most advanced epigenetic support products ranging from tech to supplements to earn generous commissions.

What Are Other Benefits of Joining the Academy?

From advanced precision performance education, training and live events to our clinical and mentorship communities all paired with the business tools and platforms to allow you to quickly start and grow your business, our tribe are global change agents leading the way in the expression of limitless potential. 

Why would someone want to work with an epigenetic coach?

To gain truly individualized, actionable strategies requires interaction with a certified epigenetic coach who understands the complexity of the human system. Our coaches can discuss the impact of your genetics and pair them with your personal lifestyle for true optimization, this is the Apeiron difference. 

What does an epigenetic report from a coach look like?

To view a sample epigenetic report that is generated by our system once the raw data is uploaded, click here

Is there a cost for coaches for the test and reports?

Yes.  Costs vary based on volume of purchase.

To book a call to speak with one of our academy support specialists that can help you enroll or answer any additional questions, click here.

Thank you for your interest in our academy.  If you are ready to join the global leaders, enroll today.

In Our Limitless Expression,

Team Apeiron

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