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Apeiron Epigenetic Human Performance Coaching Certification

The Apeiron Epigenetic Human Perfromance Coaching Certification Course is a 100+ hour online program, including two (2) days on-site and provides epigenetic human performance coaching expertise with pragmatic skills that consciously accelerate the coaches own development as well as those they partner with as a coach. Our highly successful coaching programs are interactive, informative and packed with experiential-based learning processes that take a deep dive into the transformative world of precision human potential.

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Science Based Training

Advanced Biofeedback and Stress

Offering a deep dive into the growing world of biofeedback, this course will upgrade a coaches stress optimization program. You will learn how to use consumer technologies to assist clients in using biofeedback at home. You will also learn about using advanced assessment tools (psychophysiologic stress profiles) to take your clients to a whole new level of optimal performance and create stress resiliency.

Advanced Neurofeedback & Performance

Learn how to perform qEEG brain mapping and the intricacies of utilizing this tool to assess and guide optimal performance. Help your clients to achieve their goals using these advanced techniques. Those seeking human potential optimization are quickly adopting neurofeedback as a next generation tool for success. Many are using neurofeedback technologies to reach their peak; from London’s Royal College of Music to poker champions. It is extensively used in elite sports; by professional golfers, Olympic athletes, and football clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Chelsea.

Advanced Weight Loss

Dr. Stickler spent 10 years as a weight loss surgeon and a bariatrician. This course will teach the student to navigate the complex world of weight loss. You will learn the ways to optimally assess each client and techniques to guide each client to outstanding results. This course goes into more advanced genomic assessments and reviews supplementation options that are supported by science and create results. Weight loss clients also require specific coaching techniques which you will learn in this course.

Advanced Peak Performance Coaching

Many clients are tired of the sick care model of health and are looking for coaches that understand that wellness coaching can assist them in achieving better performance. This course goes into sleep, stress, nutrition, hormones, fitness, and brain all geared toward optimizing peak performance for the client.

Advanced Environmental Health & Detoxification

Detox is usually a term that is associated with snake oil but there is a true scientific aspect to detox. Students will learn about how the body detoxification system works and how to optimize that system. Assessment tools, genomics, and environment are all addressed.

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching Skills

Coaching is truly an art. Great coaches not only possess knowledge but also intuition and a conscious awareness of their clients. Advanced coaching is a course focused on training those coaching skills.

Advanced Peak Performance Coaching

Peak performers require a specific approach when it comes to coaching. Whether you are working with top executives, elite athletes, or gifted creatives, peak performance coaching is something that can take them to a new level. This group has specific needs and we provide the tools to address them.

Advanced Leadership Coaching

Leadership is not something that comes naturally for most people and even those with a natural gift can benefit from coaching. This course will focus specifically on optimizing the leader. Students will learn the assessment tools and skills that will enable them to optimize the performance of leaders.

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