Endocannabinoid Course

with David Krantz

With the massive growth in the cannabis and CBD markets, your clients are interested in or already using cannabinoids whether you're prepared to help them or not. The CannaDNA course is a deep dive into how genetics influence the individual response to cannabis and will certify you to use the Apeiron Endocannabinoid Panel in your practice.

That way you can help your clients make informed decisions while giving you an additional income-producing offering that will set your services apart.
The Apeiron Academy Advanced Peptide Course 
You may have heard about how Peptides are gaining ground in everything from athletic performance optimization to advanced anti-aging therapies, but do you understand them and know how to apply this knowledge to your own life and those of your clients? The Advanced Peptide Course will be covering many of the currently available peptides and cutting-edge non-peptide molecules that are fast becoming the go to for balancing and enhancing human system function. 
This course will help you unlock the next level of health and performance optimization by enhancing your understanding of how the human body functions. You’ll learn the role peptides play in interactions with the environment as well as their impact on bodily systems for sleep, chronic illness, injury recovery, weight loss, longevity and athletic performance.
In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • ​Identify if clients are good candidates for cannabis
  • ​Determine optimal dosage ranges
  • ​Reduce risk for drug/drug interactions
  • ​Prevent unwanted cognitive side effects
  • ​Guide personalized strain and product selection
  • ​Improve client outcomes and optimize use of cannabinoids
  • ​Interpret the Apeiron Genomics Endocannabinoid Panel and understand other Tests on the Market
  • ​Use genetic interpretation best practices for more effective results
Based on 183 peer-reviewed references, each module covers the scientific literature in-depth and shows you how to apply it directly to your clients using the Apeiron Endocannabinoid Panel.

An In-Depth Curriculum

Our curriculum is THE cutting edge when it comes to this new forefront in human performance optimization and will build your knowledge step-by-step.

Understanding Peptides

There are 1000’s of current peptides that are undergoing animal and human testing and this market is on the verge of exponential growth. In this course we cover over 40 of these that have shown or are expected to demonstrate real potential. In this module we introduce you to the concept of peptides; how they work, how they create precise responses as well as their limitations.

Growth Hormone, GHRH and GHRPs

This section is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the growth hormone system. It is not a simple system and since growth hormone, GHRH, and GHRP’s play such a foundational role in peptide therapies, it made sense to have an entire module dedicated to helping you fully understand this complex system.

Unbalanced to Homeostasis

The Unbalanced module is addressing conditions where the human system is out of homeostasis. This can range from chronic illness to acute injury. We address the use of peptides in facilitating correction of the underlying imbalance in order to bring the human system toward a state of homeostasis.

Homeostasis to Optimized

Moving from the unbalanced state into homeostasis is very satisfying and powerful, but is only the first step in the journey to achieving the full expression of your personal potential. This module will focus on the intermediate stage of the process where we take the system from homeostasis into optimized.

Optimized to Enhanced

Enhancement is where the real fun of the journey really begins. As we move the system form optimized to enhanced, the human system is boosted by modern technology and scientific advancements that are able to create client outcomes that were previously unattainable.


Overview of the Endocannabinoid System - Get clear on the science and function of cannabinoid receptors, endogenous cannabinoids, enzymes, and more so you have solid foundation to work from

Modulating the Endocannabinoid System - Learn all the ways to shift endocannabinoid function through exogenous cannabinoids, terpenes, and dietary and lifestyle factors so you can create precise custom protocols

Cannabinoid Receptor Dynamics - Genetic variants that influence receptor density and sensitivity to better understand your client's biology

Genetic Influences on Stress Response - Help your clients understand their resiliency vs risk factors in the EC system so you can identify how cannabinoids can help improve stress response

THC Metabolism - Learn how to screen for genetic factors that impair THC metabolism and make certain people hypersensitive to THC so you can better predict proper dosages 
Cognitive Function and THC - Identify which genetic variants are protective factors against things like short term memory dysfunction with THC, impaired reaction time or impulsivity, brain structure changes, so you can help clients reduce risk and choose the right products

CBD Metabolism - Identify which clients may require higher doses of CBD due to faster metabolism and which clients may be more prone to drug/drug interactions so you can help clients with pain relief, sleep, anxiety and more 

Subjective Response to THC - Know which genetic variants may make certain people more prone to paranoia or anxiety so you can mitigate negative effects through correct balance of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other factors

Psychosis Risk - Screen for genetic factors that may predispose individuals to psychosis with THC use and so you can talk to clients about safe use of cannabis for their genotype

Cannabis Dependence and Withdrawal - Identify genetic variants associated with addictive tendencies so you can holistically weave this into working with clients that want to reduce or change their usage
1) 4 Case Study Videos - Get examples of real clients so you can see how the pieces fit together and prepare you to start adding value to your practice right away. 

2) Complete Guide to CBD - Go deeper on understanding routes of delivery, different types of CBD products, vaporization temperatures of different cannabinoids, and what evidence CBD currently has for it so you can navigate the myriad of options in the marketplace.

3) 5 Q&A Calls with test developer David Krantz so you can have 100% clarity on the material and discuss how to organically integrate the testing into your current methodology. (Available ONLY for enrollees in September - October 2020 -- calls will be recorded and included for later signups)

Enroll now and become an early adopter and expert in cannabinoid nutrigenetics.
Our Mission
We created the Apeiron Academy to be the educational platform for a new paradigm in human performance and potential, one that places us as the Master of our destiny and the architects of evolution. A precision, whole systems genomic and epigenetic approach to designing the human system has enormous clinical applications in the emerging field of human potential optimization.
We now have the power to evaluate all aspects of an individual’s life; their medical and family history, occupation, lifestyle and the environments they function in. By leveraging individual systems diagnostics to include genetics along with real-time markers from sensor and mobile data we can provide personalized lifestyle interventions to optimize and enhance gene expression within the human system. This new precision offers high specificity on health, tracks how individual choices affect health now and how that translates to the future. It also provides new insights about how we are interacting with our environment, in real time and in real detail.
The interplay of our genes and our experiences, of nature and how it interacts with nurture, has now moved from the mysterious to the knowable.The game-changing Science of Epigenetics assists us to create personalized and precise optimization strategies by taking the reins of gene expression to adapt and thrive under modern environmental pressures.
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