Our Mission

Dr. Stickler & Dr. Hamilton co-founded the Apeiron Academy to introduce a new style of education and learning to the world of precision wellness. The Academy is a culmination of a long held vision that nothing can be fully known without first having been fully experienced. Apeiron Academy’s training model is exciting. It is sensory/experiential as well as traditionally didactic and follows a systems approach. The approach views education and learning through the lens of the whole as opposed to the pieces.

Dr. Stickler entered medical school with a vision of helping people to create an optimized life. He quickly found that the training focused solely on treating disease and postponing the stepwise progression to death.

In the search to make an immediate difference, he trained as a general and vascular surgeon specializing in laparoscopic weight loss surgery. He developed a highly successful, whole systems approach to health and collaborated with a comprehensive team of dietitians, health psychologists, and exercise physiologists to provide his patients with the best possible outcome. After 10 years and nearly 3000 operations he came to the conclusion that the surgical approach was not the ideal option. He discovered that lifestyle change was the way to create an optimized life.

His journey to find the ideal approach to optimizing human potential took him on a path through functional medicine, alternative care, holistic, naturopathic, and age-management medicine. Each encounter fell short of the outcome of a truly optimized human and in fact was not much different from the allopathic approach.

“Allopathic medicine and functional medicine/alternative care are only separate sides of the same coin – both focus on the disease model of health, they only differ in their approach to treatment. Its not about creating an optimized human being”

– Daniel Stickler, M.D.

Dr. Mickra Hamilton has over 27 years of service in the United States Air Force. She now serves as a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the USAF Reserves. Her journey to health optimization took on a personal role through the lens of curiosity and the what if. She often found herself pondering the questions, “What are the limits of the human who knows no limits?” “How does the human experience change when all the perceived limitations are removed? How does life presence when created consciously?”

Despite this focused lifestyle and disciplined effort, she realized it was not complete. She began looking for answers to what it takes to truly optimize and discovered that a human systems biospherical approach – which dialed in foundational aspects of health: sleep, stress, hormones, nutrition, movement, environment, and mind/brain was required to be able to then enter enhanced states of consciousness and know herself as the creator of this experience.

​Dr. Stickler and Dr. Hamilton merged their unique skill-sets to expand this common vision into humanity. A highly conscious match in both life and business, they have created the Apeiron Academy to optimize human potential and rapidly evolve human consciousness by training epigenetic human potential coaches to motivate and inspire positive change in people’s lives. Change that results in an opportunity to create consciously and live a limitless life.

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